Hello friends, recently we started a project " Rainwater Harvesting " in drought villages of Maharashtra. What prompted us to take this step? Why is situation in the villages of Marathwada getting worse every year?  Why people have no access to drinking water and why farmers cannot cultivate their farms. To seek the answers we surveyed these villages. The astonishing facts we discovered is that lakes, and wells have dried up. Ground water levels have depleted. Women and children walk miles in search of water.

Every individual is consumer. We consume water, air, land, food products, fuel, coal, minerals etc etc. But what are we giving back to the environment ? ? ? We cant answer because we have not thought of this. Now its time to take some serious measures. There is nothing materialistic we can give back to environment because everything we consume is from environment. 

But we can give TIME. It is most precious and best solution to make our and peoples lives sustainable. We don't need luxurious life we need sustainable living. Water is important not only to humans but for all living organisms. So we can start today by taking small steps towards saving water and using it carefully. We can do this by closing running taps, washing our cars with minimum water, repairing the leaking tanks, using faucets which allow small stream of water.

All is we can give some time to think, educate kids and act on this issue. This will not only help us but next generations too..
So count every drop of water as Ambrosia.



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    April 2013